A family has finally been told it will get compensation after a nightmare start to their holiday due to their flight being delayed for 10 hours at Norwich Airport.

Matt Lines, his wife and 11-year-old son had spent more than £6,500 on a dream five-star getaway to Mallorca last July.

The Happisburgh family were "gutted" after the 10-hour delay meant they lost out on one of their seven days in Palma.

Since then, Mr Lines, 45, has been trying to contact both Tui - the package operator - and Mallorca-based AlbaStar - which was responsible for flights - to ask for both an apology and some sort of compensation.

However, after being contacted by the Evening News, a Tui spokesman confirmed "AlbaStar is paying EU 261 flight delay compensation".

Mr White, who said he has not yet been contacted by either company, said: "We didn't arrive at our hotel until 5am and spent most of the next day sleeping because we were so tired. So we lost out on one of our seven days. 

"And it wasn't like this was a cheap holiday. We'd decided to spend more because we hadn't managed to get away during the Covid pandemic.

Norwich Evening News: The flight to Palma was delayed by 10 hoursThe flight to Palma was delayed by 10 hours (Image: Graham Fish)

"I've been trying to get in touch with both Tui and AlbaStar since July but I haven't received any sort of concrete response.

"Tui told us it's the responsibility of AlbaStar. But AlbaStar hasn't responded to any of my queries.

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"It's very frustrating because it feels like they just take your money and then you're on your own."

The family were due to set off to Mallorca's capital at 12.15pm - but 10 minutes before departure it was announced they would be delayed until 10.25pm.

Norwich Evening News: They were stuck at Norwich Airport for 10 hoursThey were stuck at Norwich Airport for 10 hours (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Lines said: "Staff told us we could claim back some compensation because of the delay.

"And I sent off for this as soon as we got back. But since then I've heard nothing concrete from either of the companies.

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"We had a lovely time while we were out there and the hotel staff and reps were brilliant.

"But this whole experience has left us - who used to be regular Tui customers - feeling like we never want to book with them again."

AlbaStar was also contacted for comment.

Norwich Evening News: Can the Evening News help you?Can the Evening News help you? (Image: Newsquest)