The county council has been blasted for "ignoring" flooding complaints in a busy road on the outskirts of the city.

Local councillors have taken aim at Norfolk County Council's Highways department for poor communication as the B1113 continues to be hit by "dangerous" flooding.

However, the authority insists it is investigating.

Norwich Evening News: The substation off the B1113The substation off the B1113 (Image: Mike Page)

The main road has become prone to drainage issues since Danish energy company Orsted began work on the Hornsea Three offshore wind farm substation between Swardeston and Keswick.

Ian Spratt, Lib Dem district councillor for Stoke Holy Cross and Mulbarton, said: "We as district councillors have been trying to contact the county council about this for months.

"We sometimes won't get a response or the response we do get is quite dismissive.

Norwich Evening News: District councillor Ian SprattDistrict councillor Ian Spratt (Image: Liberal Democrats)

"It is frustrating and we feel like we're being ignored.

"Every time the road floods we get contacted by parishioners. This is now happening every week.

"But our role as district councillors means we are quite limited with what we can do. That's why we contact the county council. 

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"We're not expecting miracles but clear communication would be helpful for all the parties attempting to solve this problem."

The route had been prone to flooding prior to the Orsted works, but the issue appears to have worsened since the project began. 

Norwich Evening News: Flooding on the B1113Flooding on the B1113 (Image: Contributed)

The company has recently installed a second drainage lagoon at the site, and a spokesman previously confirmed further measures were being discussed. 

Mr Spratt said: "There have been a number of times where the road has been closed.

"And if it stays open a lot of drivers who brave the flooding complain about the state of their cars afterwards.

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"And more importantly, it's dangerous.

"This is the spine of our district and is the main route into Norwich for a lot of people.

"Orsted appears to be taking appropriate measures to help mitigate the flooding.

Norwich Evening News: The route has been prone to drainage issues for monthsThe route has been prone to drainage issues for months (Image: Contributed)

"But we need to work together and that requires better communication from the county council."

A spokeswoman for the Conservative-controlled county council said: "We know the problems this is causing and are working with the developer and local landowners to ensure this is dealt with as swiftly as possible.

"A temporary measure to pump water to a nearby drainage lagoon is being developed to help mitigate the flooding until a permanent solution can be put in place.

"B1113 from Swardeston to Keswick is also under formal flood investigation by our Water Management Team."