A stolen classic car has swiftly been returned to its owner thanks to the power of social media.

Ben Heywood, 50, was devastated after he woke on Saturday to find that his Citroen 2CV had been stolen from his driveway in Earlham Road. 

"I'm massively attached to this car - I learned to drive in a Citroen 2CV," said Ben, who purchased the classic vehicle as a 50th birthday present to himself. 

He contacted Norfolk police and also posted the news in the 2CV Club of Great Britain group on Facebook, whose members took up the search as Ben had to fly to Montenegro for work just a few hours later. 

The post reached hundreds of people, with those using social media platforms helping to spread the news.

Norwich Evening News: The car is one of only two known to Ben in this colour and style in NorfolkThe car is one of only two known to Ben in this colour and style in Norfolk (Image: Ben Heywood)

The car is only one of two with its burgundy colour known to be in Norfolk.

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Little did Ben know, members of the group also took to the streets of Norwich and patrolled around in search of the missing vehicle.

"I was called on Sunday morning in Montenegro with the news that the car had been found - within 24 hours of it going missing!" Ben said.

"It was pretty amazing.

"The police confirmed that the find was almost entirely due to the actions of the classic car community.

"I am very grateful to everyone involved in the search."

The car has now been returned to its home, with only minimal damage remaining as evidence of the theft. 

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A police spokeswoman confirmed the car was reported stolen at 11.45am on Saturday.

She said: "Enquiries led officers to arrest a teenage boy on suspicion of two counts of theft of a motor vehicle.

"The suspect has been taken to Wymondham Police Investigation Centre for questioning, where he remains."