A senior councillor has raised the need for vital services to support one of the fastest-growing areas on the outskirts of Norwich.

Broadland district councillor Fran Whymark made the call as plans were submitted for 205 extra homes to be built in Rackheath. 

He raised concerns about a potential shortage of school places and adequate healthcare in the village.  

Property developer Crest Nicholson is planning to build the homes on a patch of land between Trinity Close and Mahoney Green which runs alongside the NDR dual carriageway. 

The scheme was handed outline planning consent in 2021 and is one of a number of developments set for the area, which will see a total of more than 4,000 homes built. 

Norwich Evening News: Crest Nicholson has submitted plans for 205 new homes in Green Lane WestCrest Nicholson has submitted plans for 205 new homes in Green Lane West (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Whymark said: "I have looked at these proposals and they seem quite reasonable.

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"The scheme has been on the cards for a long time so we've always factored it in when it comes to planning.

"But infrastructure will always be a big concern whenever new homes are built.

Norwich Evening News: Broadland district councillor Fran WhymarkBroadland district councillor Fran Whymark (Image: Newsquest)

"New residents need a school to send their children to and we need to ensure we also have adequate healthcare provision for those already living in Rackheath and those who are moving here."

The village has already seen hundreds of new homes built since the completion of the NDR in 2018 and the site is close to the GT16 site which is earmarked for the thousands of new homes. 

While not being part of the wider development the site will benefit from the wider delivery of infrastructure, with the scheme set to include land for two primary schools, one secondary school, orchards, allotments, employment land and sports facilities. 

Plans for a new NHS medical centre in Green Lane East have also recently been given the go-ahead.

Norwich Evening News: The proposed plans for the 205 new homes at Green Lane West, RackheathThe proposed plans for the 205 new homes at Green Lane West, Rackheath (Image: Crest Nicholson)

Mr Whymark said: "The GT16 plans will bring new school places, and we're delighted the medical hub has been approved.

"But there is a concern about timings.

"If these Crest Nicholson homes are built before the infrastructure can be delivered then a lot of residents will be left with nowhere to go."