A nurse is worried about parking outside her own home after yobs smashed her wing mirror last month.

Sally-Ann Copsey has lived in Sprowston Road with her eight-year-old daughter for the last six years and works at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

However, on New Year's Day, she rushed out of the house to get to the hospital and found that her car - a Honda Civic - had its wing mirror smashed.

Norwich Evening News: The yobs smashed Sally-Ann's wing mirrorThe yobs smashed Sally-Ann's wing mirror (Image: Sally-Ann Copsey)

Unfortunately for Sally-Ann the yobs responsible for the incident will unlikely face justice after the case was closed by police.

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The 40-year-old now rarely parks her car outside her house for fear of it happening again, saying: "The annoying thing is I parked the car outside my house so that I could get away quickly if I'm called in.

"Now I just don’t park outside my house anymore - instead parking off the main road - because I don't want to chance it happening again, but I shouldn’t have to think like that.

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"It's just stupid behaviour and mindless vandalism."

Norwich Evening News: Sally-Ann Copsey is a nurse for the N&N and lives in Sprowston RoadSally-Ann Copsey is a nurse for the N&N and lives in Sprowston Road (Image: Sally-Ann Copsey)

Even though Sally-Ann had Ring Doorbell footage and a neighbour with CCTV footage of the incident, the police confirmed that the case has now been closed.

A police spokeswoman said: "A full investigation has been carried out and all lines of enquiry have been exhausted.

"The case has been closed but we would always review any new information provided to us."

Norwich Evening News: Sally-Ann's Ring Doorbell caught the incidentSally-Ann's Ring Doorbell caught the incident (Image: Sally-Ann Copsey)