Global glory is the aim of a city construction worker as he attempts to smash a remarkable underwater world record. 

Adam Lopez, from Taverham, is hoping to become the fastest man on the planet to run one mile in a swimming pool. 

The 37-year-old is preparing to take on the challenge at the Nuffield Health swimming pool, in Barrack Street, on April 23. 

Norwich Evening News: Adam Lopez (left) and Nuffield Health general manager Phil Wright (right)Adam Lopez (left) and Nuffield Health general manager Phil Wright (right) (Image: Nuffield Health)

Adam explained: "I started going to the gym because I wanted to become fitter and healthier.

"I loved weight training but I hit a bit of a plateau and couldn't keep the intensity up.

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"So I wondered what else I could do. 

"One day I just started to walk up and down the swimming pool, and someone noticed I was doing two lengths every 58 seconds. They said it must've been some sort of record. 

Norwich Evening News: Adam is a construction worker from TaverhamAdam is a construction worker from Taverham (Image: Adam Lopez)

"I decided to look it up and the current record for the fastest running mile in a pool was 39 minutes and 45 seconds. I thought 'I could beat that' so I decided to apply."

Adam will attempt to break this record set by Zeyad Al Azzawi in Baghdad, Iraq, in April 2023.

Currently, he is clocking in at 35 minutes and 20 seconds - smashing the record by more than four minutes.

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"It's very exciting," he said. 

"I couldn't believe it when my application was accepted. 

"This is all about improving myself. I'm so happy."

Norwich Evening News: Nuffield Health in Barrack Street, NorwichNuffield Health in Barrack Street, Norwich (Image: Newsquest)

Adam's attempt will be timed by two people, a surveyor will measure the pool and an adjudicator will be used to ensure the attempt has been carried out correctly for Guinness World Records.

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"The pool is 1.25 metres deep and the water will come up to around chest height," added Adam.

"It's more like a trudged running motion than swimming. 

"Training is going well and I can't wait for it."