Work to install 66 new electric vehicle chargers in Norwich is moving into its next phase.

The scheme, which was approved early last year, will see the charge points placed on 33 streets around the city for general use by the public. 

The first phase began in December with parking spaces in Grove Road, Telegraph Lane East, Onley Street, Hobart Square, St Leonards Road and Hall Road where a charge point post and cabinet were installed next to a suitable bay.

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The second phase will see charge points installed at Bury Street, Dereham Road, Durham Street, Earlham Road, Gloucester Street, Midland Street, Mill Hill, Mount Pleasant, Portersfield Road and Walpole Street from February 12.

According to Norfolk County Council, finding space for the new chargers has been "a challenge" and the locations have been carefully chosen so that they do not get in the way of people using the pavement. 

This follows earlier concerns that the chargers could make it harder for people with disabilities or impairments to get around the streets.

Access to the parking bays will be restricted while the chargers are being installed and signs will be in place to advise of closures.

The footpath next to these bays will also need to be closed so an alternative walkway will be provided.

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Once installed, there will be changes to the restrictions of some parking bays and locals will be contacted to be made aware.

Norfolk County Council awarded a contract to Blink Charging UK earlier last year to install, supply and operate 46 new charge points on 40 streets across Norwich.

Work was scheduled to start in the summer but the scheme was delayed to carry out a public consultation where it was decided to change it to 66 points on 33 streets.