People living near woodland on the edge of the city have been reassured about safety concerns after a big tree came crashing down in a popular dog-walking area.

A section of Harrison's Wood, near homes off Atlantic Avenue in Sprowston, is fenced off from the public due to dying trees but is surrounded by paths.

One of those trees, standing at around 50ft tall, came crashing down on Sunday evening as high winds battered the region and landed just metres from cars parked in driveways.

Norwich Evening News: Broadland Council says the area is safe Broadland Council says the area is safe (Image: Submitted)

Someone living nearby, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "We heard it come crashing down at about 8pm on Sunday and it was a big one.

"Lots of people walk their dogs along the patch of land between the woods and the houses, so it's lucky no one was walking past at the time. 

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"There are signs telling people to keep out of that section because there are dying trees in there but the council need to keep an eye on it as that tree has fallen onto the public land."

Norwich Evening News: The tree fell near Bodmin Drive on the edge of Harrison's WoodThe tree fell near Bodmin Drive on the edge of Harrison's Wood (Image: Submitted)


Harrison's Wood was opened up to the public in 2016 after months of work by Broadland District Council to clear paths and improve entrances.

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A Broadland District Council spokesman said: “We will be sending a team out to remove the tree that came down in the wind.  

“The trees in Harrison's Wood are checked regularly to make sure they are safe and this tree was checked a matter of weeks ago.  

“As part of the management of the site there are a number of beech trees that we are letting naturally decay and that is why they are fenced off with signs asking people not to enter.”