A man has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of multiple rapes and sexual assaults spanning more than 20 years.

Jonathan Hutton, 39, of Campus Way, Lincoln, has been ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years in prison for sexual offences that took place between 2001 and 2023 across Norfolk, Cheshire, and Lincolnshire.

He appeared at King's Lynn Crown Court today after being convicted by a jury in October following a 12-day trial.

His convictions included six counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault by penetration and one count of sexual touching, against four victims over the 22 years.

All of the victims said the sexual activity was not consensual as well as physically and emotionally abusive.

One victim described how Hutton pushed her down the stairs and held her head underwater in the bath.

The Judge in the case described him as ‘sociopathic’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘calculating’ and a dangerous and manipulative figure who showed no remorse.

Another victim said he was 'unpredictable and scary'.

Norfolk Police conducted the investigation and arrested Hutton in April while he was a student at the University of Lincoln.

He will serve a minimum of 14 years in prison before he is eligible for parole and he will also be on the On Sex Offenders Register for life.

Detective Constable Jack Moore said: “Hutton had a long history of offending which has only come to light due to the bravery of his victims, some of whom have suffered in silence for many years.

“He is a clear danger to women, and I hope this sentence gives his victims some sense of justice and peace.

“Their actions have doubtless saved other future victims from harm.

"The victims have been supported through the whole process through a number of support services including ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors).

“We also hope this sentence reassures victims of sexual crimes that they will be listened to if they come forward so that violent and controlling men like Hutton who have no respect for women can be given substantial jail terms for their crimes.”