Plans for 14 homes at the site of a former car dealership are being held up over a lack of affordable housing. 

If approved, eight three-bed townhouses and six one-bed flats would be constructed at 457-465 Dereham Road, close to the Sweet Briar roundabout.

However, a decision on the project has been delayed over the inclusion of just two affordable units. 

As part of the consultation process, Norwich City Council have said to the applicant: "On sites of between 10-15 dwellings there is a requirement to deliver 30pc affordable housing.

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"For this site where 14 dwellings are proposed, this would equate to four units, so it is disappointing to see that only two affordable housing units are proposed.

"All developments are expected to make this provision unless an acceptable independent review of viability determines that it is not viable to deliver this policy requirement. 

"The applicant would be advised to supply a viability review if they would like this to be considered."

Norwich Evening News: Plans for the developmentPlans for the development (Image: Norwich City Council)

The scheme has also received backlash from locals, with many describing the development as "dangerous".

"I feel that this is over-development for such a small parcel of land," one homeowner wrote to the council.

"I also do not see the communal parking provision marked on the plan. 

"If there is not sufficient parking on site for residents, where will the 'overflow' be? 

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"Kerbside parking is not only dangerous. It may block other residents' access

The plot had previously been occupied by Norwich Car Sales but a hand car wash and valeting centre has been based on the site since 2021.

The project would see five of the new townhouses established facing Dereham Road, while the remaining three would be constructed further back.

The six flats would be developed over three stories to the rear of these properties.

The agent representing the applicant, DJ Designs, was contacted for comment.