Located on the edge of Norwich city centre, the Surrey Bar and Kitchen offers a cocktail experience with a unique touch of class. 

This hidden gem in Surrey Street reopened at the beginning of June following an extensive renovation. 

Norwich Evening News:

Armed with an alcohol license and newly designed interior, the works transformed the business from a daytime cafe to a must-visit cocktail bar and tavern. 

I attended the venue's pub quiz, which happens every Friday between 7pm and 10pm.

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The Surrey's welcoming atmosphere struck me as soon as I walked through the door. 

The space has the feel and personal service of a local pub, but the style of a modern cocktail bar. 

Norwich Evening News: Molly Neale, our mixologist for the eveningMolly Neale, our mixologist for the evening (Image: Newsquest)

My partner, who had come along for the evening, and I were taken to our seats and handed a drinks menu.

I was impressed to see such a diverse array of drinks, ranging from the classic Margarita and Cosmopolitan to 'premium' spirits such as Norfolk's very own English Whiskey Company.

When ordering, the bar staff seemed almost as excited to make my drink as I was to get stuck into it.

Norwich Evening News: Morgan Oliver, general manager (left) and Holly Baldwin, supervisor (right)Morgan Oliver, general manager (left) and Holly Baldwin, supervisor (right) (Image: The Surrey Bar and Kitchen)

"If there's anything that isn't on the menu, just let us know and we'll make it," said Molly Neale, our mixologist for the evening.

I began with a Cosmopolitan, a mix of vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry, lime juice, sugar and orange bitters. 

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My partner put Molly's skills to the test by asking for "something sweet and fruity" - and what came back exceeded all expectations.

Now, onto the quiz. 

Norwich Evening News: Molly making our drinksMolly making our drinks (Image: Newsquest)

With one general knowledge and two sports sections, switching between taking a sip of my Cosmopolitan and being asked for Lewis Hamilton's 2008 racing team proved to be an amusing challenge 

Quizmaster Holly Baldwin kept it informal, frequently interacting and laughing along with the crowd.

The entire evening felt like you were out with one big group of mates. 

That, combined with the excellent service and delicious cocktails, make this hidden gem well worth discovering.

Norwich Evening News: Our drinks for the eveningOur drinks for the evening (Image: Newsquest)