New measures to stop drivers speeding through a new housing estate near Norwich have been called for.

Some folk living near Burnthouse Lane in Hethersett are annoyed at drivers frequently breaking the 30mph speed limit as they approach from the Little Melton direction on a road with a 60mph limit.

In a letter discussed at a village parish council meeting, one homeowner said: "Quite honestly, it's infuriating.

Norwich Evening News: Burnthouse Lane in HethersettBurnthouse Lane in Hethersett (Image: Google Maps)

"I believe the issue is that there is a stretch of Burnthouse Lane that has a 60mph speed limit,
so people will accelerate well before the speed limit changes from a 30 into the 60 coming
out of the residential area, and vice versa. 

"Many people enjoy walking with their families or cycling down Burnthouse Lane and the
surrounding area and I know that some of those people have lost loved animals because of
road traffic accidents.

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"Please can you advise on what I can personally do or provide to try and have speedbumps
put in place on Burnthouse Lane, whether it be fundraising, petitions or even camera
evidence to demonstrate that people are abusing the speed limit."

The news comes as people living near Colney Lane and Hethersett Lane are invited to share their thoughts on proposals that could see the route reduced from the national speed limit (60mph) to 40mph.

Norwich Evening News: South Norfolk councillor David BillsSouth Norfolk councillor David Bills (Image: South Norfolk Council)

The restriction would be imposed from the Hethersett Lane roundabout at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to its junction with Norwich Road at the Hethersett end.

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Speaking on the issues in Burnthouse Lane, David Bills, South Norfolk councillor for the area, said: "This is something that has been going on for a while and something has to be done.

"My concern about implementing speedbumps is that many drivers slow down before just speeding up again.

"I wouldn't rule out any further action, but we should first look at getting our local speedwatch group involved alongside the police."