A school's decision to install CCTV cameras inside its toilet blocks has caused outrage among some parents.

Sewell Park Academy, in St Clements Hill, has CCTV in the unisex toilets which monitors pupils going in and out.

But some have blasted the decision, with an image being widely discussed in a local Facebook group, and think the school should reconsider its policy.

A parent of one of the children at the school, who did not wish to be named, said: "It's morally wrong in my opinion.

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"Even if it's not a 360-degree camera, they may not know that and can't see the angle of it and while the school might say the cubicles aren't in view, people will question it regardless.

"I'd feel like I'm being watched if I could see it while sitting on the toilet - just thinking about it makes me feel anxious."

Norwich Evening News: The post shared on social media which shows a CCTV camera in the school's toiletThe post shared on social media which shows a CCTV camera in the school's toilet (Image: Submitted)
A spokesman for Sewell Park Academy, which is part of the Broad Horizons Education Trust, explained: "As an organisation, we believe that the use of CCTV can play a legitimate part in creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors.

"Throughout this, privacy is at the front of our minds and is always fully considered when CCTV is used.

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"In this instance, it is only the entrance and exit to the room that is covered.

"CCTV has been used at the school site for many years with no issue, however, we will listen and will work with our wider school community to address any concerns they may have, while still ensuring the safety of everyone."

Norwich Evening News: Sewell Park Academy, in Constitution HillSewell Park Academy, in Constitution Hill (Image: Newsquest)

Other city schools, including Hellesdon High, have been criticised in recent years for cameras in the communal spaces of its toilet facilities.

Although there is no legislation on CCTV in toilets, the governmental organisation the Information Commissioner's Office does publish guidance.

This states: "CCTV shouldn’t be running in areas considered private – such as in toilets and changing rooms. Using CCTV here wouldn’t usually be fair or proportionate, meaning it wouldn’t be compliant with data protection law.

"In exceptional cases – such as when dealing with repeated serious antisocial behaviour – it may be necessary to have surveillance in private areas. You would need strong justification for this and should make it clear that people are being filmed in these areas."