A pub landlord has said he is working hard to sort the issues which led to him temporarily closing its doors.

A sudden closure of Last Pub Standing, in King Street, was announced on Sunday after receiving noise complaints from neighbours. 

The news was posted on the pub's social media pages and in a letter posted on the door and windows of the pub, which read: "We are sorry to announce that in light of recent noise complaints Last Pub Standing has decided to close its doors until Friday, November 17."

Norwich Evening News: Last Pub Standing, in King StreetLast Pub Standing, in King Street (Image: Newsquest)
Director of the pub, Simon Peters, confirmed he received the two separate noise complaints last Thursday which led to him closing the pub down.

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Mr Peters said: "The sound dampening and sound management in our garden area was irreparably damaged, so it's all been taken out and I've voluntarily closed to get it sorted.

"I'm also not planning on holding any events outside for the time being on that basis.

Norwich Evening News: Director of Last Pub Standing, Simon PetersDirector of Last Pub Standing, Simon Peters (Image: Newsquest)
"Unfortunately I haven't been given any further information about the complaints so I can only respect the decision and move forward in fixing it.

"I take this personally and if somebody is upset about what's happened it's far easier to close, acknowledge there's been a complaint and take appropriate steps for the reinstallation of the sound management system.

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"We're looking to re-open on November 17 under a temporary events notice."

Norwich Evening News: The letter on the door and windows of Last Pub Standing, saying it was temporarily closed due to noise complaintsThe letter on the door and windows of Last Pub Standing, saying it was temporarily closed due to noise complaints (Image: Newsquest)

Norwich City Council also confirmed the pub's premises licence had "lapsed", with a spokesman adding: "The venue has applied for a new license, which will be subject to public consultation.

"In the meantime, it's able to apply for temporary permissions to host events and serve alcohol."

A new application, received on November 11, has been published on the city council's website.

People have until December 8 to comment on the application.