People in Norwich and surrounding areas have noticed a green tinge to their water in recent days.

It is most obvious in larger volumes of water such as when filling a bath.

The discolouration has prompted widespread concerns. But Anglian Water insists the greenish water is safe to drink and is linked to the recent wet weather.  

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A spokesman said: "There's nothing to worry about - all our regular tests are showing us the water is still up to our regular standard and is safe to drink and use as normal.

"There's also no need to contact a plumber which is an extra cost no one needs right now."

He added: "The recent rainfall has given the nearby rivers that we take and treat the water from a slightly different colour - our Water Treatment Plant treats this water to make it safe to drink but removing the colour is more difficult.

"We're busy on site working to help improve the colour so there's no need to get in touch and with more heavy rain forecast later this week you might notice this for a while."