An NR3 couple fears they will have heating problems this winter as a months-long boiler battle rumbles on.  

Shaun Briggs, 53, has a learning disability and when his partner Carly Rouse, 41, moved in to his Fishergate flat four months ago she was shocked to find he had no heating or hot water.  

The couple even say they have spent time in hotels but Norwich City Council insist that the boiler has been working when engineers have visited and that they always leave portable fan heaters for tenants when necessary.

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Carly said: “I am Shaun's full-time carer and partner, he doesn’t fully understand what is happening, but during the time I have lived here there has not been any heating or hot water, with the exception of one night.  

“The council have sent Gasway out to us on numerous occasions but they have said they cannot fix the problem and instead we need to go to the manufacturer, Worcester, for the warranty.  

Norwich Evening News: Shaun Briggs and Carly Rouse are worried they will fall ill this winter without a working boiler Shaun Briggs and Carly Rouse are worried they will fall ill this winter without a working boiler (Image: Carly Rouse)

“But they would not come out to us as it is the responsibility of the council to maintain the boiler.”  

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The couple have been booking into a Premier Inn periodically to use the heating and hot water.  

Carly said: “It does set us back £70 every time but it is starting to get very cold.” 

Carly also had a chest infection which took two courses of antibiotics to clear which she believes was exacerbated by the cold conditions.

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She said: “We just want the city council to fix the problem or move us to accommodation with a working boiler.” 

Norwich Evening News: Can the Evening News' campaign help you?Can the Evening News' campaign help you? (Image: Archant)

A city council spokesman said: “We make it a priority to ensure that all residents have hot water and heating, especially during the colder months.  

“Each time we have visited this property the heating and hot water has been working, but we will follow up to check there are no further issues.”