Plans for around 45,000 new homes in the Norwich area are close to being confirmed after getting positive feedback from government officials. 

Whitehall's planning inspectors are said to be backing the "great majority" of sites proposed for inclusion in the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP). 

The scheme, which is the product of a collaboration between South Norfolk, Broadland, Norwich City and Norfolk County councils, sets out a vision for growth by identifying areas for new homes, jobs and key infrastructure.

Between 2018 and 2038, it will provide around 45,000 new homes and 33,000 jobs across both urban and rural areas. 

This includes thousands of homes allocated for towns including Trowse, Rackheath, Sprowston and Wymondham.

Around 9,000 of these homes have already been built and with both the Tories and Labour campaigning on housebuilding kick-starting the economy ahead of the next election, such plans look likely to be bolstered by political support in the years ahead.

The initiative - which has been publicly consulted on at regular stages - is expected to be adopted by local authorities in early 2024.

This is subject to approval from the government's Planning Inspectorate and a final public consultation which closes at midday on Wednesday, December 6 2023.

A spokesman for the Greater Norwich Development Partnership said: "The Plan’s examination by the Government’s Planning Inspectorate is now close to being completed and the inspectors have reported that they are supportive of the great majority of the sites we submitted for inclusion in the plan.

"The inspectors have shared modifications to the plan that they would like to see the partnership make and those are the changes that are being consulted on. This is normal for a plan of this complexity and the changes requested are comparatively minor."

The consultation documents will be available to view on the GNLP website and hard copies will be available for public viewing during normal office hours at council offices.