The mother of a disabled Norwich man has won a court battle for life-saving treatment. 

Camilla Tooke, who lives in the city, is “absolutely overjoyed” after winning the fight in a specialist court.

Her son Jordan Tooke has severe learning disabilities and end-stage kidney disease. 

Doctors said Mr Tooke would need to be sedated three times a week in order to be given dialysis and this would not be in his best interests. 

Lawyers representing hospital bosses described the case as “heart-breaking” and “ethically very difficult” but said specialists felt such treatment would be too much of a burden for Mr Tooke because of his learning disabilities.

Norwich Evening News: Jordan Tooke will need to be sedated three times a week for treatmentJordan Tooke will need to be sedated three times a week for treatment (Image: Camilla Tooke/PA)Mrs Tooke, 57, fought for her son to receive the treatment as he could die within months without it. 

Mr Justice Hayden ruled in favour of Mr Tooke’s mother after considering arguments at a hearing at the Court of Protection.

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He told the court: “This case is truly about life-sustaining treatment.

“We are really considering matters of life and death.

“I think he is entitled to the opportunity that it presents.”

Mrs Tooke is now hoping to find a kidney donor for her son. 

She said: “Going through dialysis three times a week is burdensome – but at least he will have a life.

"It has been a long fight but getting this outcome - we are absolutely overjoyed."

Lawyer Liz Davis at Irwin Mitchell, which is representing Mrs Tooke, said after the ruling: “This is a really emotive case which once again brings the issue of provision of medical treatment to autistic people and people with learning disabilities into the spotlight.

“Understandably, all she wants is what any parent would – to be able to provide the best opportunities for their child.”