More than a decade of flooding woe is over for a Norwich pensioner after her perilous pipes were finally fixed.

Christine Mays, 70, who lives in Bull Close Road in the city's NR3 area, has seen her home submerged in water for years due to her plumbing being "all round the wrong way" with leaky piping even causing a fire in her kitchen.

But Ms Mays, who has lived in the home for 26 years, can now use her kitchen again after Norwich City Council finally sent its plumbers round to sort the issues following heavy campaigning from the Evening News.

She had even been told to go to the doctor over mental health issues brought on by the trouble, which she says is not over yet, despite the good news.

Norwich Evening News: Christine Mays has even see fire in her home as a result of the issuesChristine Mays has even see fire in her home as a result of the issues (Image: Newsquest)

Ms Mays says she is still waiting for a deep clean of her home, which "stinks like a bonfire" and is waiting to see the completion of work on a new worktop which will allow her to store her groceries once again.

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She also plans to claim against the council for a new washer and drier and other works after it began spewing black mess over her clothes due to the water issues.

Ms Mays said: "My pipes are finally fixed, it's a massive relief and I can't thank the Evening News enough, I really appreciate everything they have done for me.

Norwich Evening News: Christine Mays has been demanding work on her pipes for yearsChristine Mays has been demanding work on her pipes for years (Image: Newsquest)

"But I am still in limbo about my worktop and the house still stinks.

"Without the worktop and the deep clean, I'm still in a muddle. I've got all the groceries laid out across the front room at the moment, they need to be put away and I can't live with the smell.

"The lot who did my plumbing were good workers bless their hearts but the lot sorting this are strutting around like chickens thinking they're 20 again.

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"They've left it in a bit of a mess, I said to him: would your wife let you leave your house in this state?"

Norwich City Council said work was ongoing to fix the remaining issues in Ms Mays' home.

A spokesman said: "We will continue to liaise directly with Ms Mays about her home."

Norwich Evening News: Can the Evening News help you?Can the Evening News help you? (Image: Newsquest)