Parents in a city suburb have complained that school run drivers are just abandoning cars without a second thought for other people needing to use the road.  

And now, the parking nightmare has seen a bus stuck in the middle of the road waiting for parents of poorly parked cars to return.  

A school in Sprowston has issued warnings to the parents driving children to school, and recently the police have even had to step in to warn parents as the traffic in the estate turns into "carnage" every morning.  

Cecil Gowing Infant School in Sprowston has been fighting this issue for a number of months, but it seems to be getting worse.  

Headteacher Aimee Bulman said: “We will often send reminders to parents through our newsletter and text about parking responsibly.” 

And last week the school shared a message from police with parents. 

The message said: “We have received recent complaints about the dangerous parking on Falcon Road, both East and West, Blithewood Gardens and Linacre Avenue. 

“We understand the challenges that limited parking can present to school pick-up and drop-off times, and we know asking you to park further away and walking your children to the school is easier said than done.  

“But please be mindful of other road users and pedestrians in the area for the safety of all.” 

However, the warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears as Wednesday morning saw the 11B stranded in Linacre Avenue with no way around the poorly parked cars.  

One parent said: “It just seems to be getting worse every day, some days people can’t even get prams or pushchairs past the cars on the path, and they can’t go round it on the road because that is also backed up with traffic unable to get through.” 

Konect Bus has been contacted for comment.