To many across the county, this quirky building may just look like a redundant tin hut in a village just outside Norwich.

But for this community, it represents so much more.

Controversial plans to demolish Arminghall's much-loved former village hall were submitted by Caistor St Edmund and Bixley Parish Council almost two years ago.

Norwich Evening News: Arminghall Village HallArminghall Village Hall (Image: Sonya Duncan)

The proposals, which were met with fierce backlash from locals, would see the retired community asset replaced with a new two-bedroom chalet bungalow. 

And with the stage set for a decision on the application on Wednesday (September 27), campaigners have issued a last-minute plea to save it.

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"I've lived in Arminghall for more than 20 years," said Sandra Brown, a local fighting to stop the plans in their tracks. 

"Not only is it a community asset, but it is also a crucial part of Norfolk's rural heritage.

Norwich Evening News: The plans for the chalet bungalowThe plans for the chalet bungalow (Image: South Norfolk Council)

"The hope is that if this application is rejected, then the community can come together and unite to bring the building back into use."

A petition to save the hall has amassed more than 20 pages of signatures - with a group known as Save Arminghall Village Hall also being established.

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But Jeanette Utting, chair of the parish council, has stressed that the plans are just one of many options being considered for the site - adding she was neither in favour nor against the application. 

South Norfolk councillor for the area John Overton, on the other hand, caused quite a stir when he argued the site was not financially viable and a new home would be a “vast improvement” over an “old redundant tin hut”. 

"This is insulting and it's inaccurate," argued Ms Brown. 

Norwich Evening News: The hall has been described as a community assetThe hall has been described as a community asset (Image: Sonya Duncan)

"The objections to the plans show how people feel about them.

"Nobody is pretending a lot of work doesn't need to be done to bring it back into use.

"It needs a complete renovation.

"But another bungalow is not an attractive option for our village.

"The village hall belongs to the community and has the power to bring our village together.

"We have to save it."

The bid will be decided by South Norfolk Council's planning committee on Wednesday morning.