It's a case of Costa Del Roys!

Bosses of Norfolk retail chain Roys of Wroxham are "astounded" after one of their retro bags dating back to the 1990s was discovered more than 1,000 miles away at a Spanish villa. 

It was found by holidaymakers who, shortly after checking into their accommodation, uncovered the bag in one of the kitchen cupboards.

Norwich Evening News: Paul Roy, director of RoysPaul Roy, director of Roys (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesman for the company said: "The Roys bag was an early 1990s bag featuring the retro Roys curly R.

"The couple sent the picture to area manager Dan Dicks to share their amazement.

"Everyone at Roys has been astounded by the reaction."

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The popular family-owned business is based in Hoveton and has branches in eight locations across the county - including two in Norwich.

Unfortunately, the company could not confirm whereabouts in Spain the discovery was made.

Norwich Evening News: The Roys bag at the villa in SpainThe Roys bag at the villa in Spain (Image: Roys of Wroxham)

But a post on the Roys of Wroxham Facebook page sharing the discovery received almost 1,000 interactions and more than 70 comments.

"Customers near and far have engaged with the post," a spokesman said.

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"There has been a wealth of warmth and love for the store that has featured heavily in nostalgic memories from times past.

"It is heartwarming for us all at Roys to be reminded of how fondly the company is thought of."

Norwich Evening News: Roys of Wroxham shop in Magdalen Street, NorwichRoys of Wroxham shop in Magdalen Street, Norwich (Image: Newsquest)

But Roys bosses also wished to use the discovery as a way of stressing the importance of sustainability.

"What this image shows us is the importance of moving over to reusable, recycled and recyclable bags, a change made by Roys early last year," they said.

"Unfortunately, Single use bags such as this one from the 90s will be in the environment for many years to come.

"Changing our habits as a company and individuals will help to lower the impact on the planet."