A Norwich pensioner who has been left fearing for her life after dangerous drainage caused fire and flooding says she is becoming tired of waiting for drain doctors to fix it.

Christine Mays, 70, who lives in Bull Close Road in the city's NR3 area, has put up with flooding caused by the pipes for more than 10 years and the pesky pipes even caused a fire in her home.

But despite Norwich City Council officials being sent to her home last week, just days after the Evening News first reported on her story, her problems remain.

Ms Mays says that if issues are not fixed she will simply switch on all of her kitchen appliances which have so far been off-limits after her cooker caused a blaze and force the council to act.

Last week she was also visited by an official from Norfolk Fire and Rescue who recommended that the issues were sorted within five days, but council drain doctors could not guarantee it would be sorted within that timeframe.

Norwich Evening News: The pipe behind Ms Mays cooker which caused the fireThe pipe behind Ms Mays cooker which caused the fire (Image: Denise Bradley)

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After being contacted by this newspaper for a second time, the city council has now confirmed the issues will be addressed.

A council spokesman said: "Ms Mays’ home was visited by a member of our team last week and we are now working with our contractors to address any issues identified."

Norwich Evening News: Ms Mays wants her drainage reconnectedMs Mays wants her drainage reconnected (Image: Newsquest)

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Ms Mays, who has lived in the home for 26 years, says her plumbing is all "round the wrong way" and she is unable to use electrical items in her kitchen including the cooker and her washing machine has been covering clothes in "black stuff".

She said: "If they can't be bothered to sort it I'll just turn it all on and then they'll have to come because it'll all burn down.

"This is doing my head in, I can't stand it anymore.

"The council were out here last week measuring it up again, but that's already been done, they phoned someone up and said what needed doing but the council wouldn't let the right people come out.

"They said it had to be done, so why haven't they sorted it? It will take two days at most to do, they've just got to cut the pipes and cap them. The only thing that will take time is digging the trench to reconnect it all.

"I still can't use my cooker or anything in the kitchen."