A long-running saga over the controversial placement of a bollard in a known rat-run has taken a fresh twist. 

Locals living near Mountergate have slammed the county council for obstructing the route at the junction with King Street - arguing it has created a safety hazard for those trying to get out of their homes at rush hour. 

"I moved here 10 years ago," said 77-year-old Mark Fisher, who lives in the nearby Music House Lane. 

Norwich Evening News: The controversial bollard in MountergateThe controversial bollard in Mountergate (Image: William Warnes)

"Since then, the council has blocked off three exits for my area and occupants of Rouen Road, King Street and Argyle Street. 

"And they wonder why people have been using Mountergate?

"There are now only two exits remaining - both of which are minor roads trying to enter major ones. 

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"The exits can then get jammed at rush hour or after football matches.

"If you get a driver who isn't very confident in pulling out, then the traffic can soon start to back up."

Locals have been campaigning to prevent rat-running in this area for more than a year. 

A permanent obstruction in Mountergate was replaced with scaffolding while the St Anne's Wharf building work was carried out.

Norwich Evening News: The previous bollard was ripped out hours after it was placed by the councilThe previous bollard was ripped out hours after it was placed by the council (Image: Submitted)

In July, the council installed a new bollard.

But this was ripped out of the ground just hours after its placement.

"I'm glad that people will stop using at a rat-run, because it's not suitable," added Mr Fisher.

"But I'm not happy with the bollard because it leaves us with so few options to get out.

"We're being trapped in.

"Sometimes there are queues of traffic 100 yards long.

"I have an elderly friend and, in an emergency situation, I wouldn't be able to get her to hospital."

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A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said this part of Mountergate has been closed to traffic for over 10 years.

"During the housing development work that has taken place there, the hoardings and scaffolding essentially blocked the path to traffic," they added.

"So the bollard was added back in recently is to ensure traffic doesn’t use the space inappropriately."