Roads in the city will be closed this month as part of an annual campaign. 

Norwich Car Free Day, taking place on Sunday, September 24, encourages people to use more sustainable methods of transport through temporary street closures. 

Any street can apply to take part as long as it isn't a main road, bus route, or emergency vehicle route.

In total, six streets across the city applied for closures. 

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People are encouraged to organise neighbourhood celebrations while the roads are closed, taking advantage of the absence of through traffic for the day. 

Matt White, founder of Car-Free Norwich, said: “Our streets used to be active social spaces, where neighbours would spend time, play games and get to know each other.

"The huge growth in car ownership over the past 30 years has sadly turned them primarily into places to store vehicles.

"Holding a street party or a play street for Car Free Day allows residents to experience what previous generations took for granted – restoring a sense of place and community, while also providing cleaner air."

The following roads in Norwich will be closed: 

  • Highland Avenue
  • Tillet Road
  • Helena Road
  • Havelock Road
  • Lindley Street
  • Vincent Road