A team of 50 litter pickers is currently at the Norfolk Showground clearing the rubbish left behind after Sundown Festival at the weekend. 

In previous years, piles of rubbish have been left in the campsite, which we have been able to photograph from the perimeter.

Bu in 2023 the area has been blocked from public view so we are unable to see what has been discarded.

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However, pictures taken as people vacated the site at midday on Monday (September 4) show some rubbish in the car park, including carrier bags and bottles. 

Norwich Evening News: Rubbish left in the car park at Sundown Festival - the main campsite was blocked from viewRubbish left in the car park at Sundown Festival - the main campsite was blocked from view (Image: Sonya Duncan)

In recent years, the organisers have introduced incentives to help tackle the litter problem.

This includes a litter bond scheme where festival-goers pay £5 extra when booking camping tickets, which they get back when they take a bag of rubbish to the drop-off point.

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Sundown has also released a timetable of the 2023 clear-up operation on social media and on Monday this will see 50 litter pickers cover the arena and outside the festival site.On Tuesday, the team will go across the whole festival site, discarding bulky items first, and this will continue until Friday - with rubbish separated into cardboard, metal and general waste.

Norwich Evening News: Sundown Festival 2023 in full swing Picture: Thomas HorneSundown Festival 2023 in full swing Picture: Thomas Horne (Image: Thomas Horne)

Then on Saturday and Sunday will be a finer litter pick, with items such as cigarette butts and bottle caps, and a final walk-around will take place next Monday. 

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A spokesperson for Sundown Festival said: "Following a brilliant weekend of music, the clean-up by our teams is already well underway.

"All customers have now left the festival grounds and our litter bond and recycling points were open all morning, encouraging campers to do their part.

"Across the week ahead, our litter-picking team will move through the festival site to collect any bulky items, before finishing the process with a fine pick at the weekend.’’