It should have been a simple eight-mile, 20-minute journey from the city centre out to Blofield.

But Charles Dyce has described his nightmare trip which ended up taking three hours - taking longer than it would have been to fly to Minorca. 

The 64-year-old lives in Blofield Heath and makes the journey from Blofield to Norwich and back again once a week.  

He said: “I arrived at St Stephens for the number 15 leaving at 1.51pm on August 29, but that did not show up despite the board stating that the bus was on time.  

“I decided then to wait an hour for the 2.51pm and fortunately it did arrive, but it was not as straight forward as it seemed.

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Norwich Evening News: Charles Dyce' journey took more than three hours Charles Dyce' journey took more than three hours (Image: Charles Dyce)

“We departed St Stephens and went to Castle Meadow where the driver turned off the bus and got off, so we had to wait for a change of driver which is routine, but unfortunately another driver never showed up.  

“As we all waited for developments, we were told that the bus was taken out of service, which angered a lot of passengers as we had been sitting there with no updates.” 

Charles said that eventually a driver did come who was willing to drive to Blofield Heath – but the passengers had sat there for so long waiting for a way to get home.  

Charles said: “The bus eventually departed at 4.20pm, meaning it took me more than three hours to get home.  

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Norwich Evening News: Charles said he would like an apology Charles said he would like an apology (Image: Newsquest)

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“The lack of communication from the bus company was appalling at a time when they should be encouraging people to use the bus service. 

“This is not a one off, I have been let down by the service on a number of occasions and it puts you off. 

“First Bus owes their passengers on this service an apology, though I doubt this will be forthcoming.” 

First Buses have been approached for comment.  

Where could Charles have gone from Norwich in three hours?  

Norwich has a big train station and an airport, so this paper was keen to find out where Charles could have gone in the more than three-hour journey home.  

By plane from Norwich:  

Paris – 3hrs 10mins  

Berlin – 2hrs 50mins 

Milan – 3hrs 30mins 

Minorca – 2hrs 25mins  

Amsterdam – 55mins 

By train from Norwich:  

Birmingham – 3hrs 44mins 

London – 1hr 44mins 

Leeds – 3hrs 26mins 

Nottingham – 2hrs 30mins 

Brighton – 3hrs 36mins