The county is set to finally enjoy a week of near-uninterrupted sunshine as temperatures soar, the Met Office has revealed.

While much of Europe has sweltered under record-breaking heatwaves in recent months, a low-pressure system bringing cooler air from the Atlantic Ocean has kept the UK mostly wet and chilly. 

But our fortunes are set to change this week as a five-day stretch of good weather has been forecast across Norfolk.

The beginning of the week will start out cloudy with outbreaks of rain at times, while some bright or sunny spells are possible, though fleeting. 

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Tuesday will see the skies brighten, with a possibility of a few showers but trending warmer and sunnier with highs of 24C. 

By midweek the temperature will be pushing 25C and above, feeling summery and hot, and by Friday the mercury will peak at highs of 27 to 29C. 

The humidity will return by the weekend, with perhaps some thundery conditions later in the evenings, but staying warm. 

Seeing better weather than much of the country, Norfolk will enjoy temperatures four to five degrees warmer than London and the south.