Construction on a new sports pavilion and nursery is hoped to start by the end of this month after all the conditions for planning approval were met.

The Jubilee Centre - which will be built as part of the 350-home St Giles Park housing development in Cringleford - was approved in December.

Opening of the facilities had originally been earmarked for the end of 2023, but this was later pushed back to April 2024

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It is hoped that work on the centre, which is the brainchild of Cringleford Parish Council and Big Sky Developments, will begin by 29 August.

The 0.6 hectare site will include a sports pavilion, alongside changing facilities and toilets to serve the new sports pitches being provided by Big Sky at St Giles Park.

The multi-use hall on the western side of the estate will also include two badminton courts.

Norwich Evening News: The plans for the Jubilee Centre were initially approved back in DecemberThe plans for the Jubilee Centre were initially approved back in December (Image: Big Sky Living)

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Alongside the pavilion will be a nursery school which could take up to 30 children.

The design and access statement from Blue Sky Living - a company owned by South Norfolk Council - said: "The intention is that the sports facilities will serve local junior teams, with the sports hall used for community functions on a hire basis as well as sports.

"The changing rooms will be used for the adjacent pitches as well as for the main hall on occasion."

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It added the plans included a nursery "to meet the demands of the increased number of residents".

Spencer Burrell, director of Big Sky Living, previously said: "Our relationship with the parish council has allowed us to work closely together to deliver an enhanced facility that will not only benefit the residents of St Giles Park but also the wider community of Cringleford.

"We will be jointly funding the Jubilee Centre and, once we have overseen its construction, it will be owned and operated by the parish council."