Torrential downpours and strong winds are expected to hit the county today. 

A yellow weather warning has been issued for Norfolk by the Met Office and is in place from 11am until 10pm on Saturday (August 5). 

Flash flooding could occur and disruption to travel is likely, the Met Office has said.

The wet and windy weather is expected disruption as Storm Antoni hits parts of the UK.

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Drivers are also being told to take extra care when on the road. 

The RAC’s Rod Dennis warned: “We expect Saturday to be the worst day on the roads of the summer so far.

“Conditions will be atrocious with a wholly unpleasant mix of very strong winds and locally intense rainfall.

"The best advice is to slow down significantly to stay safe and avoid exposed moorland and coastal routes until the storm passes."

Here is an hour-by-hour weather forecast for the county today:

  • 9am - highs of 14C and 95% chance of rain 
  • 10am - highs of 14C and 95% chance of rain 
  • 11am - highs of 13C and 95% chance of rain 
  • 12pm - highs of 13C and 95% chance of rain 
  • 1pm - highs of 13C and 95% chance of rain 
  • 2pm - highs of 15C and 95% chance of rain 
  • 3pm - highs of 14C and 95% chance of rain  
  • 4pm - highs of 14C and 90% chance of rain  
  • 5pm - highs of 15C and 80% chance of rain  
  • 6pm - highs of 15C and 50% chance of rain 
  • 7pm - highs of 15C and 20% chance of rain 
  • 8pm - highs of 15C and 70% chance of rain