A woman who has lived in a Travelodge for a year after her flat burned down claims her "needs haven't been met" in the search for a new home.

Karen Bishop used to live in Foulgers Opening, off Ber Street, until a fire that started in the property above gutted her home on April 28, 2022.

After temporarily living with her son-in-law Justin Ward and his wife, both 30, as well as their three kids in Newton Flotman, Ms Bishop has stayed at the Travelodge in Queens Road while trying to find permanent accommodation.

Norwich Evening News: Karen's flat burned down on April 28, 2022Karen's flat burned down on April 28, 2022 (Image: Karen Bishop)

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However, after 13 months cooped up in the hotel, Ms Bishop is still nowhere closer to finding a new property.

The 50-year-old said: "I suffer from stickler syndrome and fibromyalgia arthritis so I can only walk short distances.

I've been to both the council and Orbit Housing to see if they could provide a two-bedroom home, as I need the spare room for my wheelchair or when I need a carer to stay over.

Norwich Evening News: Karen Bishop, centre, with her two daughtersKaren Bishop, centre, with her two daughters (Image: Karen Bishop)

"However I've been offered a one-bedroom property - not even a bungalow - and if I don't accept I'm basically making myself homeless.

"My health won't ever improve - it's always in decline - so it won't ever go away and getting up or down stairs is difficult.

"My needs aren't being taken into consideration at all."

A spokeswoman for Orbit Housing said: "We've continued to provide alternative accessible accommodation for Ms Bishop whilst her property is repaired following the fire.

Norwich Evening News: Karen has spent 13 months in a Travel Lodge, in Queens Road, while looking for new accommodationKaren has spent 13 months in a Travel Lodge, in Queens Road, while looking for new accommodation (Image: Karen Bishop)

"We've offered Ms Bishop several other options for accessible private let properties, which she has been unable to accept and we're continuing to look for and share other options with her, as well as providing a meal allowance.

"We're in regular contact with Ms Bishop and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Ms Bishop added that the situation has had a toll on her mental health, saying: "It's so depressing living like this.

Norwich Evening News: The aftermath of the fire which forced Karen to find a new homeThe aftermath of the fire which forced Karen to find a new home (Image: Karen Bishop)

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"I just want my life back.

"Never did I think I'd be homeless at 50.

"For more than a year it's been like hitting my head against a brick wall - it's so frustrating."