A café and garden centre was overwhelmed by a "biblical" amount of flood water during a sudden downpour.

Urban Jungle, in Costessey, found its ceilings pouring with water amid the torrential showers seen across much of the county on Monday. 

But the staff were unphased, saying the deluge of water that burst pipes and gutters added a "touch of tropical magic" to the café's atmosphere, with a customer claiming she felt "like she was in a mini rainforest".

The business, situated inside a converted greenhouse, was only momentarily inconvenienced by the rain and was reportedly back up and running after half an hour.

Chez, the Urban Jungle house plant supervisor, was particularly thrilled by the rainstorm, suggesting that the café should consider making the occasional flooding a permanent feature.

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Urban Jungle's sister branch in Beccles was untouched by the freak showers.

According to the garden nursery, the combination of sun and rain without extreme temperatures, unlike last year's heatwave, has resulted in greener lawns and blooming borders at the two locations.