A neighbourhood row has erupted over plans to build a 50ft training tower at one of Norfolk's fire stations.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service wants to place the tower on a concrete area at Hethersett Fire Station in Norwich Road - which bosses say "has ineffective training capabilities".

But a homeowner living near the proposed site has written to Norfolk County Council's planning committee to raise concerns about a loss of privacy, noise and light.

"The ability to enjoy our own gardens and look out from our windows without constant observation would be severely hindered, leading to a sense of intrusion and discomfort," the letter read.

"The evening tranquility and peacefulness of our neighbourhood would be shattered, impacting our quality of life and causing unnecessary stress.

"Moreover, the introduction of a training tower facility would only exacerbate the level of activity and traffic, leading to potential safety concerns for both residents and firefighters alike.

"Lastly, the intrusion of artificial light, particuLibrary picture of fire engine.A neighbourhood row has erupted over plans to build a 50ft training tower at one of Norfolk's fire stations.larly during the night-time hours, would not only disrupt our natural sleep patterns but also affect the overall ambiance and charm of the neighbourhood."

The tower will be used mainly once a week, with normal training hours set on Tuesdays between 6pm and 9pm.

However, additional training evenings will occur every so often.

Planning documents submitted by the fire service claim the facility will directly contribute to the "safety and competence of its workforce" and "allow crews to be trained in aspects they cannot always easily and economically facilitate in the built environment."

"Without installation of a new training tower, NFRS consider that the station, its fire fighters and the local community would suffer."

A decision on the plans will be made by the county council in due course.