Worries about parking near a row of shops have prompted calls for action to be taken before somebody gets hurt.

Folk living in Hethersett have slammed the chaos caused by drivers obstructing the footpath in Great Melton Road, leading to blockages and delays for public transport.

A letter to Hethersett Parish Council penned by a concerned homeowner said: "The parking in this area is becoming more and more problematic and dangerous.

"It is a bus route and can cause delays.

Norwich Evening News: Great Melton Road in HethersettGreat Melton Road in Hethersett (Image: Google Maps)

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"Cars are more frequently obstructing the footpath increasing the difficulty for wheelchairs, parents with prams, mobility scooters and dog walkers."

The street, which runs through the heart of the village, hosts a Tesco Express, pharmacy, GP surgery and dental practice.

And much of the parking provided sees motorists reverse out onto the main road. 

"It is a hazard to vulnerable users accessing both the shops and health services," added the email.

"Please can this be investigated and a solution sought?"

In response to this note, the parish council said the inconsiderate parking was "difficult to manage" and called for any vehicles parked illegally to be reported to the police. 

"Going forward on steps that can be taken, the installation of yellow lines may be one option," said the council clerk. 

"However, this is a very lengthy and expensive procedure. Public consultation needs to be undertaken which may result in legal challenges.

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Norwich Evening News: South Norfolk district councillor for Hethersett David BillsSouth Norfolk district councillor for Hethersett David Bills (Image: South Norfolk Council)

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"Additionally, it may be deemed that the 'problem' is simply being moved onto other areas in the village."

South Norfolk district councillor for Hethersett, David Bills, said he was aware of the issue but that he was also wary about the difficulty of finding a practical solution.

"Double yellow lines are always an option," he said.

"But putting them in could just create a problem with parking elsewhere in the village.

"It can also take six to eight months to do this.

"But there is clearly an issue here that needs solving."