A city centre store has been targeted by vandals as the wait for a major supermarket brand to move in to the vacant shop continues.

The former Topshop site in Haymarket, which was expected to become a Morrisons this summer, has seen its shopfront covered in graffiti.

Suspicions were first raised over whether the deal with the supermarket giant had fallen through in April when work at the site appeared to stop.

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Multiple sources have claimed Morrisons is no longer taking over the empty former Topshop and Topman units but despite numerous attempts to clarify the situation, Morrisons has declined to comment on the building.

Now, vandals have sprayed "to be continued..." on its window along with a large tag, while a homeless man has also set up camp in its doorway.

Norwich Evening News: The former Topshop site in Norwich city centre has been empty since February 2021The former Topshop site in Norwich city centre has been empty since February 2021

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Another small tag says "see you in Rome, love Ali B" alongside the boarded-up main entrance, combining with work on the £3.2m revamp of neighbouring Hay Hill to bring a rather shabby look to part of the city's shopping district.

Morrisons was previously expected to sign a 15-year lease in February ahead of a likely June opening date.

It has been reported nationally that the debt-laden supermarket chain is battling to save costs following a takeover in 2021 by an American private equity group.