Plans for a contentious 5G mast have been approved, to the delight of people living nearby who have been locked in a dispute with those who oppose it.

A Yimby (Yes In My Backyard) group was formed amid months of bickering between neighbours in Jessopp Road, to combat who they deemed as Nimbys.

Objections to the NR2 mast have ranged from worries over traffic visibility and claims it is "out of character" to comparing the mast to "Daleks trundling through the streets of Norwich".

Norwich Evening News: One of Mr Lee's Yes to 5G signsOne of Mr Lee's Yes to 5G signs (Image: Ollie Lee)

It was hoped a decision would be made on the mast in May but Norwich City Council's highways team asked Clarke Telecom to reassess visibility splays from nearby junctions and see if the pole could be moved to reduce the impact.

The planning application amassed 186 public comments with many objecting to the mast.

This led one man, who says he lives in an internet blackspot in the street, Ollie Lee, to launch his Yimby campaign.

Mr Lee said: "A victory for common sense and progress.

"The mast was approved because clear rules were sensibly applied.

"Phone masts may alter the appearance of a street, but so do cars, streetlights and telegraph poles. It's clearly not a reason to block important infrastructure.

Norwich Evening News: Jessopp Road where the new mast will now be builtJessopp Road where the new mast will now be built (Image: Google Maps)

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"If it hadn't been for the campaign against the mast I wouldn't have known about it. It has opened my eyes to the way that Nimbys flood the planning system with objections to everything."

Mr Lee's campaign has seen his signs torn down and even people stopping him in the street and shouting at him.

Neighbours have been arguing in community Facebook and Whatsapp groups, with some claiming they are "sick and tired" of poor mobile phone signal but others saying they have no issues.

The mast was approved on Tuesday, June 6, with the condition that work does not affect the adjoining roads and pavements.