Staff at the crisis-stricken University of East Anglia are to rally against cuts to jobs and pay this week.

Unison, which represents cleaners, librarians and other professional services staff at the institute, says the lowest paid are being expected to "foot the bill" for a financial crisis that "their bosses created".

It comes following an announcement by the UEA that it would seek to cut 113 jobs through a voluntary redundancy scheme in an effort to make £45m of savings in the next three years to fill a financial black hole in its budget.

Norwich Evening News: UEA staff members of the UCU took to the picket line in 2022UEA staff members of the UCU took to the picket line in 2022 (Image: UCU UEA branch)

On Monday, it was revealed 36 academic posts were to be cut, while the remaining 77 posts set to go are to come from non-teaching roles.

Unison's UEA branch secretary Amanda Chenery-Howes said: “Staff did not cause UEA’s financial woes but university bosses want them to pay the price.

“University leaders seem to think they can attract more people to UEA by sacking the staff who make sure students have a good experience. The simple fact is that bosses can’t cut their way out of this crisis.

“We hope staff and students will rally together for jobs, pay and the future of UEA.”

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Norwich Evening News: Provost and deputy vice-chancellor Christine Bovis-CnossenProvost and deputy vice-chancellor Christine Bovis-Cnossen (Image: UEA)

UEA bosses have also recently announced it will hold off implementing a pay rise for 11 months and have scrapped their commitment to paying the real living wage.

Unison argues that senior managers have also refused to consider capping the pay of staff making more than £100,000 a year. 

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A UEA spokeswoman said: “We are not aware of a proposal for a rally of Unison members.

“We are currently in collective consultation with our campus trade unions about our cost-saving proposals and meet them regularly.

“This is a difficult time for all of our staff and students and we’re committed to keeping them informed.”

The rally is to take place at 12.30pm on Thursday, June 8, in the square outside the student bar.