Whether you stick to the classic ready salted or mix it up with something more adventurous, don't we all love a crisp sandwich?

Walkers is celebrating the crisp sandwich by partnering with sandwich shops across the country, including one in Norwich. 

Each of the seven shops has created a unique sandwich centring a specific crisp.

Logans Sandwich Bar in Swan Lane is one of the seven sandwich shops chosen for Walkers' ultimate #CrispIn sandwich menu.

Norwich Evening News: Logans BLC - with bacon, lettuce and crispsLogans BLC - with bacon, lettuce and crisps (Image: Walkers)

Its sandwich, launching on June 12, is a crisp-filled twist on the BLT with bacon, lettuce and Walkers Baked sea salt crisps.

This will be on a white baguette with spicy cheese and a slaw made of grated carrot and red onion.

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The Norwich shop is joined by sandwich shops in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Reading, Brighton and London.

They have created sandwiches including the Ultimate BBQ Chicken, the Cheesy Reuben and the Chicken Tikka WOTSITS.