From the strawberry moon to the summer solstice, there is so much to see in our skies next month.

Here is everything you can see in the night sky in June 2023.

The moon

Phases for May are as follows:

  • First quarter - May 27
  • Strawberry Moon - June 4
    • As one of the first full moons of summer, this moon gets its name from the ripening of fruit. Other names are the Blooming Moon, the Honey Moon, and the Birth Moon.
    • Last quarter - June 10
    • New moon - June 18
    • First quarter - June 26

The planets and the stars

Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the eastern sky just before dawn, especially towards the end of the month.

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Venus will be bright in the west for the whole month, lit by the sun.

The Veil Nebula will be visible with a telescope near the star Cygnus. The nebula is a supernova remnant from a star 20 times the size of our sun.

Summer solstice

The solstice marks the beginning of the astronomical summer, taking place on Wednesday, June 21.

The sun will rise at 4.53am and set at 9.31pm. The exact solstice will be at 3.57pm.

Hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere are at their maximum and night at their minimum, with the Earth's axis tilted towards the sun.