Plans branded as "problematic" to open a pizza takeaway in Norwich until 4am have been denied by the city council.

Papa Johns in Colman Road lodged plans in January to extend its current 11am until 11pm hours.

The plans would have seen the takeaway operate on a delivery-only basis from 11pm until 4am and were met by anger from residents who were concerned longer hours would create noise and smell disturbance.

But Norwich City Council has thwarted the plans, saying there was no proof they would not cause a "detrimental impact" to those living nearby, adding the location was not a late-night activity zone.

Norwich Evening News: Papa Johns in Colman Road, EatonPapa Johns in Colman Road, Eaton (Image: Google Maps)

Planning officers said the restaurant's extractor system and flue as well as the comings and goings of delivery drivers would cause harm to neighbours.

It also said odours from the takeaway's extraction system would be a "nuisance" for nearby flats.

The council's environmental team had also submitted an objection raising similar concerns about noise and smell.

At the time of the application, Judith Lubbock, Liberal Democrat city councillor for Eaton, raised concerns that if approved the plans could inspire other similar businesses to do the same.

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Norwich Evening News: Lib Dem councillor for Eaton, Judith LubbockLib Dem councillor for Eaton, Judith Lubbock (Image: Newsquest)

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She said: "People have coped with the takeaways in that parade of shops but what I worry about is if this goes ahead others will start to follow suit.

"It will be problematic with significant disruption from the noise and smell at a time of the day when everything is quiet and most people are in bed."

Now Ms Lubbock is welcoming the council's decision.

She said: "I am delighted, it is really good news.

"It's great for the community, particularly those who live very close to the takeaway.

"We have a lot of young families living in that area who were anticipating doors slamming and engines roaring until 4am."

The pizza chain now has six months to appeal the decision if it wishes.