Work on a spiral staircase at one of the UK's oldest jewellers has been given the green light.

Winsor Bishop, in Norwich's London Street, has already announced the store's name and 187-year-old sign will change to Prestons as part of work which began last year.

But now its historic staircase will be moved and a new toilet will be installed.

Work comes after Prestons bought the store in 2021.

The spiral staircase located in the back left corner of the Grade II-listed building will now be brought front and centre while an accessible toilet will be installed in the former position of the staircase.

A partition wall will also be added between 39 and 41 London Street to divide the shop.

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Approving the plans on May 12, Norwich City Council told the jewellers it would have to complete the work within three years and that any damage as a result of the work would have to be rectified.

A planning officer said: "The proposal is considered to result in minimal changes to the overall aesthetic of the building and will not negatively impact the City Centre Conservation Area.

"The proposal is considered likely to result in less than substantial harm to the significance of the heritage asset and will likely result in a positive contribution to that."