Poison-resistant 'super rats' are driving an increase in Britain's rodent population and increasingly finding their way into homes and gardens around the Fine City.

Local experts believe that smarter measures of laying out rat bait need to be installed before the problem gets worse.

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Norwich Evening News: Andrew Dellbridge, director of Ace Pest ControlAndrew Dellbridge, director of Ace Pest Control (Image: Andrew Dellbridge)

Andrew Dellbridge, director of Old Catton-based Ace Pest Control, said: "This is a national issue which Norfolk falls into, where rats are becoming used to bait which is put out domestically or professionally.

"This area is one of the designated counties where there is a known resistance to the bait that's used which is quite alarming.

"With the population explosion, it's always a worry but I'd recommend seeking professional advice on what to do before undertaking any action with a rodent infestation."

Norwich Evening News: Rats are becoming wise to poison bait laid in and around homesRats are becoming wise to poison bait laid in and around homes (Image: Newsquest)

Kevin Murphy, who runs Norfolk Wildlife Rescue in Norwich, added: "Rats are hard-wired to survive and they have adapted to live in all kinds of conditions.

"Proper control methods need to be put in place to prevent breeding and inheritance of rogue genes, as it's believed some rats have developed a genetic mutation that makes them resistant to conventional poison. 

"So when it comes to rat control, if people don’t know what they're doing, they've already started to lose."

Norwich Evening News: Kevin Murphy, from Norfolk Wildlife RescueKevin Murphy, from Norfolk Wildlife Rescue (Image: Kevin Murphy)