A city dentist's clinic has been given the green light to add a new surgery after it saw a rapid increase in demand.

Newmarket Road Dental Clinic will now renovate a flat above the business, amid Norfolk suffering a lack of practices with space for new patients.

The private clinic will only be making changes to the inside of the room and will not be altering car parking arrangements.

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Newmarket Road Dental Clinic's original proposal stated: "The residential living room is to become part of the dental practice to enable a much-needed third dentist to operate from the premises.

"All changes are internal, there will be no change to any external appearances, areas or elevations.

"All access and parking will remain unchanged."

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The permission from Norwich City Council requires the business to create the new surgery within three years and told it the new development must follow the plans it submitted.

Permission comes after a public consultation closed on Friday, April 14, with no objections.

The clinic's website currently states it has closed its diary to new patients.