Neighbours say they are considering selling their homes over plans to erect a sign they say will be "like Blackpool illuminations".

Norfolk Trucks, in School Lane, Sprowston, is planning to build a double-sided red and white 6.5m light-up sign to advertise Isuzu trucks.

But those living opposite have hit out at the plans for a totum sign, saying its existing lights are already causing a nuisance by shining into their homes at night.

One person even said they had put up wooden screens in an attempt to direct the light away from their home.

Norwich Evening News: Homes opposite Norfolk Trucks in SprowstonHomes opposite Norfolk Trucks in Sprowston (Image: Newsquest/Denise Bradley)

In an objection to the plans, one person living opposite said: "The business is regularly lit up like Blackpool most days and making noise deep into most evenings.

"The company has little regard for any residential property or its residents that largely populate the street."

Norwich Evening News: Workmen digging at Norfolk TrucksWorkmen digging at Norfolk Trucks (Image: Newsquest)

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Another person complaining about the plans said they would be forced to consider selling their home of 23 years should the sign be approved saying light had already been "shining straight into my bedroom" past 11pm.

He said: "This will add to the existing synthetic light pollution that the business already generates late into the evening and already causes my family distress.

"I have a wife and two daughters and we are all concerned.

Norwich Evening News: School Lane in SprowstonSchool Lane in Sprowston (Image: Newsquest/Denise Bradley)

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"The facia with white LEDs will be at the precise height of my bedroom window and is also high enough to impact light pollution into my living room.

"I feel it will be unbearable and not acceptable when facing private residents only metres on the other side of the road.

Norwich Evening News: The entrance to Norfolk Trucks in SprowstonThe entrance to Norfolk Trucks in Sprowston (Image: Newsquest/Denise Bradley)

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"If these plans are approved, I feel I would have no option than to consider selling the house which I have lived in for 23 years."

Those who wish to comment on the application have until June 1, and it is hoped a decision will be made by June 27.

Norfolk Trucks has been contacted for comment.