A campaign to halt the installation of a 5G mast on one of the city’s medieval churches has been launched.

St Augustine’s Church dates back to the 15th century and has Norwich’s only 17th century brick tower, which a contractor is now eyeing for the site of its latest pole.

Community leader Stuart MacLaren objects to the plans for the NR3 building due to concerns over the “historical impact” it will have.

In a public meeting at the church, held on Tuesday (May 9), it was revealed that the contractor behind the scheme – Net Coverage Solutions – is offering to pay £5,000 a year for 20 years towards the upkeep of the historic building, as well as unveiling the installation plans.  

Norwich Evening News: St Augustine's Church in NorwichSt Augustine's Church in Norwich (Image: Newsquest)

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Despite the proposed funds, Mr MacLaren has started a petition to stop the scheme saying that he felt the mast would “interfere” with the church’s history.

He said: "I would rather it didn't happen, but I am more receptive following the meeting.

"Historical impact was my main concern but it seems the plans will keep impact to the minimum.

Norwich Evening News: The entrance to the NR3 churchThe entrance to the NR3 church (Image: Newsquest)

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"I'm reassured, but it is an ancient monument and the brick tower is unique in Norwich so I'd prefer it to be left alone.

"Although the church needs money to keep it going and this will do that."

The meeting was arranged by the Churches Conservation Trust.

Simon Willes, head of the Trust’s south-east region, said he felt participants left the meeting "with their minds changed".

Norwich Evening News: Simon Willes head of the Churches Conservation Trust's south-east divisionSimon Willes head of the Churches Conservation Trust's south-east division (Image: Simon Willes)

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"Some were concerned about how high the mast would stick out above the parapet, but I was able to show them that it would hardly be visible from the ground,” he said.

"I certainly don't want to stick a great big mast on the side of it.

Norwich Evening News: St Augustine's Church underwent repair work in April last yearSt Augustine's Church underwent repair work in April last year (Image: Newsquest)

"Others were worried about the health impact but we were able to show that all research has confirmed 5G isn't detrimental to health.”

Net Coverage Solutions have been contacted for comment.