Unfriendly exercise atmospheres are driving a city man to try and open the nicest gym in Norwich.

Marcin Nowsyz has worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist for many years in and around the city but has always felt something was missing.  

He said: “The thing that kept coming back up is that people do not enjoy going to the gym.  

“It comes down to the atmosphere, it leaves people feeling self-conscious, anxious or even intimidated so they often just put it off.” 

Marcin, who lives in Lakenham, thinks that the industry should be working harder to inspire those who are feeling anxious or intimidated to make healthy changes so over the last year he has been working on an idea. 

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Norwich Evening News: He has had lots of positive feedback about the way he works He has had lots of positive feedback about the way he works (Image: Marcin Nowysz)

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The 37-year-old continued: “I want to open the friendliest gym in the city – we are trying to create an opposite to the current things we are seeing in gyms.  

“We want to introduce a nice culture where people can get training with a dedicated coach with a small group of people.  

“Everyone who comes in will be known by name and they will all have a structured plan to be working towards so their coach will know why they are there.” 

This gym is hoped to be in the city centre and will offer multiple sessions over six days a week, with all sessions having small groups to make people feel as welcome as possible. 

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Marcin, who currently runs Perun Strength sessions at Wensum Sports Centre in King Street, added: “The way I work has been so appealing to many people I work with, and it will be so positive to have a dedicated place for this kind of training.  

“It’s going to be an ambitious project, but it will be so beneficial to those who need it.” 

The gym is set to open in early July and Marcin is crowdfunding £4,500 on Gofundme.com for the venue and equipment, with a £100 donation receiving a month of training.