Pupils at a city school are among those mourning the death of a retired greyhound that became a beloved therapy dog.

Todd belonged to Norwich mum-of-two Hannah Colbourn but following an issue with his back a tumour was found and he died on March 23. 

Hannah, 43, said: “We are so incredibly lucky to have had the privilege of sharing our lives with him for six and a half years.  

Norwich Evening News: Todd worked as a therapy dog in the city for 6 years

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“We love all our dogs, but Todd will always be my dog of a lifetime.” 

Many that knew him described the friendly 12-year-old as polite, gentle and kind, never causing any trouble and rarely making any noise.  

Hannah said: “It always surprised us when people commented on how big he was as it was his nature to just be present in the quietest most respectful way – you forgot how big he was.” 

Norwich Evening News: Children at Avenue Junior School loves reading to Todd

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Hannah continued: “We got him assessed as a Pets As Therapy dog and the rest is history.”  

A farmer racing dog at Great Yarmouth, Todd's second career saw him working with children in schools, helping to treat dog-phobic children and even working with bereaved children through the Nelson’s Journey charity.

Norwich Evening News: Children who knew Todd at Avenue Junior School have made cards

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As well as working in care homes, libraries, department stores and pre-schools Todd really was a busy chap who gave back to his community every day.  

He was very well-known and tributes have been pouring in for him, particularly from his friends at Avenue Junior School where the children loved to read to Todd and share their colouring with him. 

Norwich Evening News: He loved being read to

Some of the pupils at the school have even made cards of sympathy for Hannah to help with her loss.  

Hannah, who lives close to the school, in Earlham, said: “Contemplating life without him is unthinkable but we are thankful for every single day and memory.” 

Norwich Evening News: Todd was popular with pupils at Avenue Junior School Todd was popular with pupils at Avenue Junior School (Image: Hannah Colbourn)