Audiences are invited to a world of pure imagination as the much-anticipated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical comes to Norwich Theatre Royal.  

With nostalgic references to the original film and plenty of new songs, this really is a completely new take on the popular story.  

Norwich Evening News: The show had lots of modern style dance

The musical follows the original Roald Dahl story of poor Charlie Buckett finding a golden ticket along with four other children to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  

Norwich Evening News: Veruca Salt played by Kazmin Borrer was the bratty character audiences are familiar with, very

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This larger-than-life story was mostly translated well on stage, there were some moments where LED screens were used instead of set, which both worked and didn’t. 

The screens were used to create the well-loved room where everything was made from sweets and chocolate, and this took away some of the magic – though for younger ones this may not be the case.  

Norwich Evening News: Mike Teavee was played by Teddy Hinde

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However, when Willy Wonka interacted with the screens, the audience was sucked into the story's magic.  

Noah Walton, who takes on the role of Charlie had a lovely voice with an impressive range, he demanded the attention of the audience and took them on his journey.  

Willy Wonka, played by Gareth Snook, was unlike Wonka’s from the past played by Gene Wilder and Jonny Depp, he has taken this character and put a completely new spin on it. 

Norwich Evening News: With a high energy cast the ensemble parts were full of life

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Equal parts mad, funny and sinister, it was a joy to see an updated version of the character and it worked well for the multi-generational audience.  

The standout though was Grandpa Joe, played by Michael D’Cruze, who was able to capture the real life magic that a grandad is, his voice was beautiful, and his physical comedy was fantastic, a real joy to watch.  

Norwich Evening News: The standout character of Grandpa Joe was expertly played by Michael D'cruze  play

All in all, this is a bright, colourful and enjoyable show with a high energy cast.  

Playing at the theatre until April 29 it is worth grabbing a ticket if you can.  

Norwich Evening News: Augustus Gloop was played by Robin Simoes Da Silva