Guests staying at a B&B in the centre of a row over whether it is a restaurant have reported being accosted by delivery drivers looking for staff at the premises.

It comes after Norwich City Council announced it was investigating Orlando's in Earlham Road after drivers from Deliveroo and Uber Eats began to show up at its door.

Now next-door neighbour Becky Greengrass says mopeds are using footpaths to reach the controversial restaurant, while a guest reported being approached by delivery riders looking for staff.

Mrs Greengrass said: "The rider rode the moped up the public footpath and stopped outside Orlando’s on the path which then set our dog off barking.

"Thankfully we were not coming out of our driveway nor was there anyone walking on the path.

"It's dangerous enough with cyclists on the pathways but this is not on." 

Norwich Evening News:

A review left on in March this year by a user called Gordon, said he was unable to speak to owner Orlando Williams as he was preparing takeaway food.

The review read: "When I went to ask a question to the owner about something, I was accosted by several delivery drivers asking if I worked there. All very strange.

"The owner was in the kitchen preparing food to go out and when I asked him to assist with a matter he said I should wait for 10 minutes while he was busy."

Norwich Evening News:

The licenced B&B, which has been involved in a battle with the council over whether the unlicenced restaurant exists since 2019, has also been accused of unprofessional service by reviewers on Tripadvisor.

Some reviewers praised it as a "great place to stay", but others say Mr Williams had to move his personal car to allow them to park and they were given dinner on a sofa in front of the TV.

Norwich Evening News:

There were also reports Mr Williams had offered a 10pc discount for diners who loaded the dishwasher themselves.

Norwich Evening News:

In response to allegations he was serving takeaway food, Mr Williams said: "I don't know how they've got this idea that I am running a restaurant in my house, it's crazy."

Orlando's and Norwich City Council have been approached for further comment.