A dog that was rescued after being dumped out the back of a van is now looking for a happy home after losing her furry companion.

Talia, originally from Romania, was dumped out the back of a van with another dog Thomas, who sadly died days after being rescued due to a range of health issues.

She has been left heartbroken and is now looking for a forever home after being rescued by a charity.

Norwich Evening News: Talia is being fostered at a home in Norwich.Talia is being fostered at a home in Norwich. (Image: Safe Rescue for Dogs)

Safe Rescue for Dogs is caring for her and she is currently being fostered in Norwich. 

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Kelly Hare, director of Safe Rescue for Dogs, said: "Talia can be a little shy at first but soon makes friends and is an attentive and friendly girl.

"She would prefer to live with another dog but is fine alone if she has an owner who has enough time for her."

Norwich Evening News:

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Safe Rescue for Dogs operates from Norfolk but works with adoptee families and fosterers nationwide.

If you would like to adopt Talia or one of the other dogs in the care of Safe Rescue for Dogs you can do so by contacting the charity at 07888 251197 or emailing saferescue@hotmail.co.uk.